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As a Computer Science major I am required to complete four co-op blocks before graduation. The first of these co-op blocks was at SPSmedical where one of the main projects was the development their website ( Other responsibilities involved moving their product catalog into an online database and a newsletter generation utility. The following are documents and pictures related to my co-op experience.


Upon completion of a co-op block, RIT requires employers to evaluate the student. This is a copy of my evaluation form. 


SPSmedical occasionally evaluates their employees performance. This is a copy of my evaluation.

Concurrent with work on the main SPSmedical website, work began on an administrative system. This was to be used to update and change the website after I concluded my co-op. The goal was for any SPSmedical employee to be able to make minor modifications using a web-based interface. This is the documentation explaining how to use this administrative system.

SPSmedical needed an easy to way manage and distribute HTML based newsletters. The goal was web-based interface that any employee could use to create and send out the newsletters. This is the documentation that accompanied the finished product.

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