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Greg and I worked together on a new editorial tool in the public cloud (AWS). Greg was originally slated to join the team as a developer, but he quickly established himself as a leader on the team. He took on the challenge of playing team lead and really drove building out the backlog, organizing a project plan, and even constructing wireframes to aid in requirements discussions. Despite joining the team much later than some other members and not getting to participate in all of the up-front discussions, he came up to speed quickly and developed a close working relationship with the business partners. I admire the positive attitude and work ethic Greg brings to the team. He does an excellent job understanding the big picture, and his leadership and organization has helped the team stay ahead of some really tight development timelines.


Greg and I worked together on a complex project to build a web-based editorial tool and content repository from scratch. We delivered on-time and under budget, thanks in large part to Greg's exceptional interpersonal skills. Greg's leadership on the project was noteworthy, and because of his influence the team worked together smoothly and efficiently. He is remarkable in his ability to translate technical opportunities and limitations to business owners; I would chat with him about what I wanted to see, and he was quickly able to gauge feasibility and communicate potential issues. Notably, he really dug in and understood what the business needs were, and frequently made suggestions and asked clarifying questions that helped refine requirements and led to a better end product. To this day, when I have a technical problem to solve, I reach out to Greg to get his input. He is one-of-a-kind.


I interned at Thomson Reuters in Rochester, NY for 8 months in 2017. Throughout my time here, I worked directly with Greg who was the tech lead for the team I was placed on. He certainly had the greatest impact on my work experience as he was the person who delegated tasks and assisted me with anything I needed. He very clearly displayed his immense knowledge of the systems at Thomson Reuters and his overall skill in software engineering which was incredibly motivating for me as a young intern in my first real software engineering work experience. Not only were his work skills distinguished, working with him was a joy as he always had a positive attitude and was willing to personally connect with me through sharing his own experiences he's had throughout his life. Simple things like encouraging me to go to team lunches or other team outings was huge in improving the atmosphere at the office and making me feel more connected overall. Working at Thomson Reuters was an incredible experience for me and I can't say it would have been remotely the same without Greg as my tech lead.


Working with Greg was always a pleasure, he brings not just excellent technical skills but also a positive attitude and strong personal skills to the table. He is able to reliably deliver on his commitments and also to help ensure the rest of the team is also successful. As the tech lead on the team when I first started, he helped me get up to speed and always made time to provide assistance or feedback whenever needed.


I worked with Greg on one of the Company’s strategic projects. Greg was performing as a Lead on the project. All meetings were scheduled and conducted on time. Greg was multitasking during our WebEx meetings by: writing everyone’s status right away, updating Jira’s stories, recording meetings, answering peoples’ questions and creating future tasks, as needed. There were only few more Leads I worked with over my almost 24 years career at Thomson with an exceptional qualities Greg has: extremely organized, very sharp, intelligent, polite Leader, and great communicator. Greg still is the best among great Leaders I worked with. Greg’s technical qualities are as good as his “people” skills. I would highly recommend Greg to any potential employer. There won’t be any regrets once Greg is hired.


Greg’s enthusiasm for his work made each day’s effort feel truly worthwhile. I had the pleasure of working on his team at Thomson Reuters. He was extremely responsive and knowledgeable, always willing to lend a hand with just the right insights to help solve any issues and tie our work back to the bigger picture. His style was to lead by example, encouraging us to continuously improve. Any company would be lucky to bring Greg onto their team.


Greg is an ideal tech partner, especially on complex projects. He goes beyond gathering requirements--he understands theproblem the business is trying to solve. He is remarkablyresponsive, creative, and efficient. He is also talented at influencinghis team to demonstrate the same traits.


I worked with Greg on a cross-functional, global team and found him to be an excellent partner to work with. Greg is hard-working and knowledgeable and is always willing to take the time to help solve a problem or share knowledge with others. I relied on Greg’s guidance and expertise throughout the project we worked on together and was consistently impressed. I am certain he would be a great fit in any organization that is looking for these qualities.


It was a great working for Greg. He provided just the right amount of guidance to his development staff. We always knew what was expected of us. He was always willing to drop what he was doing to help us get past a technical issue. Greg would be a valuable asset to any IT organization.


Greg is a strong engineer with a vast practical experience in the web world. Greg possesses the powerful combination of being able to produce many results under pressure while remaining a very friendly and calm manner with customers and peers. I always enjoyed brainstorming sessions with Greg and respected any feedback he provided.


Greg has great analytical and strategic thinking skills. His strong technical skills especially in OOP make him as a real problem solver. Technology is not a constraint to him at all since, his foundation is very strong. He aligns business needs with the technology properly. He is a great trainer with all positive energy. He developed excellent insight and coupled with a level head for making technical decisions. He is kind and helpful at the same time never compromises with the quality. Relating to people is another quality. I always found him full of energy. Greg is a resourceful and solution-oriented person with a very positive mindset.

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