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Show Me The Evidence

October 01, 2018

Book I put together for my kids - order now on Amazon.

Memory Spell

October 02, 2017

A simple game created to try out both Android development and AWS.  Not fully complete.

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Legacy Projects

Xerox Co-Op

June 02, 2003

During the Summer of 2003 I finished my last co-op block at Xerox's Webster, NY facility. I developed an image database to be used by the Imaging Systems Modeling and Design group. The co-op report below details my activities.

Excellus Co-Op

September 02, 2002

During the Fall 2002 quarter, I co-oped at Excellus in Rochester, NY. Here are some related documents. I worked on a meta-data repository to be used by several departments within Excellus. The development was done with Java Servlets, Struts, and based on an Oracle database.

RIT Schedule Maker

September 03, 2001

Classes at RIT are scheduled through an online web-based interface called SIS. The SIS system is fairly robust, but is missing a critical feature - graphical schedules. You can get a confusing text printout of your schedule, but a graphical schedule would be more useful.The RIT Schedule Maker takes care of this problem. Simply type in your course numbers, and the RIT Schedule Maker will create a graphical HTML schedule for online use or printout.

SPSmedical Supply Corp

June 01, 2001

As a Computer Science major I am required to complete four co-op blocks before graduation. The first of these co-op blocks was at SPSmedical where one of the main projects was the development their website ( Other responsibilities involved moving their product catalog into an online database and a newsletter generation utility. The following are documents and pictures related to my co-op experience.

SIS Notify

April 02, 2001

Is there a course that you need to get into, but it is closed? Rather than spending your entire day sitting on SIS watching and waiting for it to open, this site will take care of it for you. Enter your email address and the course number you wish to get into. This site will periodically check SIS to see if the course ever becomes open. If it is open, you will receive an email letting you know.

RIT Table Tennis Association

January 01, 2002

A web based application to keep track of and chart table tennis statistics. A group of us played table tennis religiously for about a year, and this site was designed for fun to keep track of the games.

RIT Professor Evaluation System

September 03, 2001

The Professor Evaluation System is a comprehensive database of teacher reviews, designed to help RIT students locate the right professor for them. RIT students are able to select a specific professor and give them a grade (A through F), as well as a short comment about why that grade was chosen. This grade is then made available on the site to share with other RIT students.The system was developed before I joined the Web Development Club, I only recently took over maintenance of the system.


April 15, 2002

This was my first attempt at openGL programming. It is the beginning of an asteroids type game. Most of the 'features' don't work, but you can move around nicely.

3D Maze

May 14, 2002

This was my second attempt at openGL programming. It involves a 3D world that you can move around in using the arrow keys. Fog and Lights can be turned on and off. It features rudimentary collision detection, and an imported 3D Studio Max chair model.

3D Driving Game

April 15, 2002

My Computer Graphics 2 class consisted of a ten-week project and a research paper. We could pretty much do whatever we wonder, so myself and another person (Mike Krauklis). At this point in time Grand Theft Auto 3 was a popular game, so of course we decided to make a driving game... I think we set our sites a little to high, and the final outcome was slightly disappointing. Nevertheless we learned a lot about game design, and more specifically how not to do things in the future. Next time we we definitely build our 3D world using octrees or something similar that is more manageable. This 3D world ran pretty slow on any system less than a one-gigahertz, a more streamlined and more optimized design is the goal for the next project.

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