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As an ode to  Scott Hanselman's (now outdated) definitive tool list, here's a few random tools (and now books/podcasts) I've found to be surprisingly useful.

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Allows you to drag-n-drop messages directly from Outlook into web applications (like JIRA).  This way you can avoid manually saving the msg to your desktop, then having to browse  -->  upload to add the file into JIRA.



PuTTY replacement...  Killer feature is the follow terminal folder option that watches for cd /xyz/ operations and updates the explorer like windows view.

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Zoom in on a portion of the screen during presentations, and then control with scroll wheel.  Also allows you to annotate.
I map to Ctrl - +


After a hard drive loss I started using this.  Not a big name but my favorite backup tool, very configurable.


Replacement for PrintScreen key/operation.  Perform quick cropping and highlighting on the fly

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